TOHIF is an active dialogue with a wide and varied audience concerning the issue of online hate in football. Below are some of the examples of our efforts to contribute to that conversation:

Sport & Society Conference – June 2023

Dr Jack Black presented a paper on online conspiracy theories during UEFA Euro 2020 at the Fourteenth International Conference on Sport & Society in the University of Nevada. The conference brings together emerging scholars and established leaders in the field of sports studies. Jack’s paper drew on TOHIF’s data collection to illustrate the spread of racist discourse in resistance to the ‘Take a Knee’ gesture.

TOHIF in Brazil

TOHIF’s Professor Theo Lynn recently travelled to Brazil where he discussed the project with researchers from universities across the country. Theo delivered a workshop on social media big data research using large language models (such as TOHIF) at UPE in Caruaru, Pernambuco. Additionally, he discussed the possibility of expanding TOHIF’s analysis to Portuguese-language material using natural language processing (NLP) projects using machine learning and deep learning (ML/DL).

Fantasy-Reality Continuum Conference – December 2022

Dr Katie Liston presented some of the TOHIF project’s findings at the University of Warsaw’s Fantasy-Reality Continuum conference. The conference was organised by the Norbert Elias foundation to showcase work which builds on the renowned scholar’s sociological theory of knowledge and the sciences. Katie’s paper drew on Elias’ work on technization and civilisation to make observations about online hate in football on Twitter.

Off the Ball, Newstalk Radio 

Dr Colm Kearns speaks to Off the Ball hosts, Ger Gilroy and Eoin Sheehan about the TOHIF project and the ever evolving issue of online hate in football. This was initially broadcast of 17 August 2022.

The Include Summit 2022

A brief clip from the Include Summit in which Dr Daniel Kilvington outlines how online hate impacts on journalists covering sport. The Include Summit is the UK’s No.1 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Summit For Sport and was held on 8-9 March 2022.

Beckett Talks Podcast

TOHIF members, Dr Thomas Fletcher & Dr Daniel Kilvington discuss the project with Professor Leanne Norman (Director of the Research Centre for Social Justice in Sport and Society, Leeds Beckett University), outlining how work of this scale is needed to tackle the issue of online hate in football.

RTE Brainstorm

TOHIF member, Dr Gary Sinclair succinctly outlines the ongoing issue of online hate in football in the wake of the UEFA Euro 2020 final. Dr Sinclair discusses the scale of the issue and explains why focusing on football acts as a uniquely insightful lens through which to explore and address the problem of online hate. 

Sport & Human Rights Conference 2022

Dr Katie Liston discusses how her experience as an Irish athlete has informed her approach to the TOHIF project. She discusses the variety of impacts of online hate in sport, before outlining the findings and limitations of existing research conducted into the area.


TOHIF was funded by UKRI-AHRC and the Irish Research Council under the ‘UK-Ireland Collaboration in the Digital Humanities Research Grants Call’ (grant numbers: AH/W001624/1 and IRC/W001624/1).

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